Mojobricks® Red Oak MojoQubes Brown Bag (2lbs)



Product Description

Mojobricks® are the best wood for smoke flavor! Eat the Best BBQ you have ever smoked! You pay less for more and get a higher quality product!  It is the easiest method for cooking with wood! This is the largest of the Mojobricks® product line when added to charcoal this size produces the longest most smoke for the pit master who wants the most smoke flavor per one use.  Try it is a smoke box with an electric or propane smoker or in a pellet grill.

Mojoqubes™  100% RED OAK, You pay less for more and get a higher quality product!

RED OAK  is an especially good smoking wood! For smoke flavor – Red Oak is a strong smoke profile and is good with just about anything. Its is the 2nd most used wood in AMERICA! It is especially good with Beef and Big Game and can be used with Pork and Chicken.  Red Oak MojoQubes™ are an unique nut wood for the ultimate smoke flavor.