Mojobricks are innovative BBQ Wood bricks used for Smoking and Grilling. What we do is take sawdust and scrap from lumber mills and recycle it into bricks by utilizing tons and tons of pressure combined with the organic polymer lignin which is already in the wood naturally.


EARTH FRIENDLY – Mojobricks are carbon neutral, 100% natural recycled hardwood with no glues, fillers, chemicals or additives.
PURE SMOKE FLAVOR – Mojobricks are 100% single species wood coming in 3 varieties. Cherry, Maple and Red Oak. Most wood pellets and other similar products are only 70% pure with 30% filler woods.
VERSATILITY – Mojobricks can be used with nearly any type of grill whether it’s gas, electric or charcoal. Mojobricks can be used whole, broken up in chunks or soaked in water.
CONVENIENCE – Mojobricks stack very neatly and use up less than 1/2 the space of regular wood, there is less mess and no issues with bugs, bark or dirt.

VALUE – Mojobricks typically burn more than 2x longer than traditional BBQ wood of similar size so you save money.


Championship BBQ Teams from coast to coast are reaping the rewards of adding Mojobricks to their arsenal. By no means do we take all the credit but these guys will tell you first hand how Mojobricks helped them out. Click Here to see the 2011 Team Mojobrick Awards & Testimonials.

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