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Big Mista Shows you how to use Mojobricks and compares them to regular chunks.


START A FIRE Outside or in your Wood Burning Stove;

The number #2 question is “how do you light it!?” The number #1 question is what holds it together – the answer to the number 1 question should help you understand how to answer the number 2 question!

The wood is held together by its own wood. There is no binder other then its own lignin which is an organic polymer. Mojobricks have ZERO chemicals or glues or wax which makes lighting this product a little tricky.

The easiest way to light Mojobricks is to place a couple mojobricks onto a bed of hot coals.

The next best way to light this wood is to utilizing draft and a typical fire starting formation. Often called a Tee Pee formation this will work! Since you are working with flat edges and narrow sides its best to use the tips of the wood or the flat surfaces of at least three bricks. A fire starter is recommended (sold separately) or newspaper can be used.

How to assemble a hotbox grill

The Hotbox grill is the absolute BEST full size yet completely portable tailgating grill on the market. Here is a quick video on how to assemble it.

The Pigtail Flipper

The revolutionary pig tail flipper makes food handling quicker, easier and safer. The sharp, spiral snare at the end of Pigtail’s tapered, stainless steel shaft is cleverly designed to lightly pierce the edge of virtually any solid food. A quick flip of the wrist and the food is turned over. Pigtail can handle almost anything from an 8 lb. rack of ribs, to hot dogs, steaks, chicken, bacon, French toast, shrimp, vegetables, you name it! The 19 inch Pigtail is great for outdoor cooking, but it is equally at home in the kitchen oven or broiler. The 12-inch PigTail is a wizard at stovetop sauteing, griddle work, even in a wok!

The set of two PigTails come in a solid wood gift presentation box with brass fittings. The set also comes in a blister pack, and both sets are available in a left-handed model. The 12-inch and 19-inch PigTails are also available individually in a blister pack.

“The weirdest, funkiest, most effective BBQ tool since the charcoal chimney.” — Louisville Journal Courier


  • Doest not bleed or mark meats
  • Replaces forks,tongs and spatulas
  • Does not scrape up grease like a spatula
  • Turns, flips moves & carries food in a flash.