About Us

The Story of how I got involved with Mojobricks & Competition BBQ goes back to a rugby pitch outside of Chicago back in 2004. This is where I met Fred Grosse the inventor and founder of Mojobricks. Over the years Fred and I have become good friends and even though I moved to Vegas we have stayed in touch over the years.

Around Feb or March of 2011 I was on Fred’s Facebook page and noticed some pictures of a very unique BBQ which I had never seen before (Big Green Egg) with a custom grate which had the Mojobricks Logo on it. We were chatting one day online and I asked Fred about it…. we got on the phone, he explained to me his business venture and asked me what I was doing with my life….

I was a fairly good back yard griller…. but knew nothing about Low N Slow. I thought about it for a short while…. and spoke to my wife Kathryn about the opportunity…. to my surprise she really liked the idea. 3 weeks later I had a pallet of Mojobricks in my garage and was signed up as a Vendor at the Smoke on the Water USA Nationals in Las Vegas… I sold out nearly all 110 cases of Mojobricks in two days and placed 7th in the amatuer Rib Contest….

The rest as they say…. is history, I have been hooked ever since and have made more BBQ in the last 6 months than I have over the past 43 years in existence!!!

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